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Annual Service Plans

Schedule a Tune Up, Oil Change, or Checkup & Inspection for Proper Operation

Don’t wait until the Power goes out to find out that your generator doesn’t work!!!

If you own a Generac generator, Please remember to perform routine maintenance as outlined in your owner's manual.

Most people don’t realize their generator is not working until the power goes out. Your Generac generator should be serviced by an authorized Generac service technician once a year to make sure it will work without fail when the power goes out.

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Call today to learn more about our two Preventative Maintenance levels of service.

We also perform warranty service work on your standby Generac generator at no cost to the homeowner - all warranty work is billed directly to Generac, call for details.

Be careful not to VOID your factory warranty. Have your Generac generator serviced annually.

Will your generator start during the next power outage?

Take 2 minutes and find out right now!!

It is recommended that you check your generator in the spring and/or the fall. CT Generator Repair has 2 annual plans to choose from (it is highly recommended that either plan has to be done at least once per year). See below for an outline of the level 1 basic, and the level 2 premium maintenance plans we offer. 



Level 1: Basic Maintenance

 Level 2: Premium Maintenance

Check generator kW ratings along with model and serial numbers for factory warranties and recalls.   
Visually inspect and check generator for proper operation   
Change oil and oil filter   
Change air filter   
Change spark plugs   
Visually inspect fuel lines, propane tanks and gas meter - check pressure if needed   
Check generator for proper voltage output   
Test run generator (not under load)   
Check battery life and battery connections   
Check voltage regulator on generator   
Review clock for proper date and time (current date and time)   
Review generator exercise time and date with customer   
Advise customer of any potential problems or concerns   
Clean out and remove any debris including rodents and/or rodent nesting   
Inspect all wiring connections for corrosion, clean and tighten if needed   
Check and adjust engine valves if needed   
Check battery for proper charging voltage   
Start generator and transfer load   
Inspect fuel lines L.P. and N.G.   
Check automatic transfer switch for proper operation   
Check load on generator   

Schedule on-site repairs, factory warranty,
and factory recall work or call toll free